New Bern Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Do you want to whiten your teeth for an important event such as a wedding or family photo? Dr. Hand has extensive experience providing teeth whitening treatment to New Bern residents.

Things you should know

Teeth whitening treatments use a chemical bleaching agent to remove stains and make your teeth whiter. The amount of whitening you experience depends on the strength of the bleaching agent and the amount of time it stays on your teeth.

Crowns, bridges, fillings or dentures can’t be whitened and will remain their original color. We are glad to discuss you options and recommend whitening treatment that will provide the best results.

Type of treatment

We offer an at-home whitening treatment. We usually recommend at-home treatments because they are a safe and gentle way to whiten your teeth. Most importantly, the at-home kit consists of reusable custom made trays. During the treatment period, which ranges from a few days to a few weeks, you wear the trays for an hour a day. You will see the results of the treatment gradually occur over the treatment period and you can stop treatment when you reach the shade you desire.

To book a teeth whitening appointment or to learn more, call our office today.

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