Sedation Dentistry in New Bern

Sedation Dentistry

Fear of dental treatment is very common, and usually related to unpleasant experiences with an uncaring dentist, or before modern pain-controlling techniques were available. Dr. Hand provides many options to insure your comfortable treatment. Oral pill sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas), along with very potent anesthetics are effective for most people, but for those requiring more, deep sedation and general anesthesia are also available.

Dr. Hand provides New Bern residents with previously unobtainable sedation services by teaming with a board certified dentist/anesthesiologist to provide deep sedation and general anesthesia in his office. There is no travel to a hospital or outpatient facility. Furthermore, the anesthesiologist is focused entirely on sedating you effectively and safely, allowing Dr. Hand to concentrate on providing exceptional dental care, often consolidating multiple visits worth of care into a single appointment.

Ignoring dental problems can have a serious impact on your health and the quality of your life, and now with dental sedation, there is no reason to put off treatment. Schedule an examination with us today.