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This web site, personally created and maintained by Dr. Hand, is one of our office's many efforts at providing useful and practical information. If you are already a patient, thank you for your support. Providing your dental care is our privilege. If you are looking for a dentist, we would be delighted to have you join our family of patients. You will likely find your experience with us quite different, in a very positive way.

We are accepting new patients.

What we are about

We are dedicated to providing high quality, state-of-the-art dental care as comfortably as possible. We strive to treat our patients the way we would want to be treated - with patience, compassion, and gentleness. Most every dental office will tell you the same, but we deliver! Click on the blue button below to see unfiltered and unedited comments from our actual patients.

A wide range of dental services are provided, with emphasis on cosmetic and restorative care. By using the latest techniques,  materials, and equipment, and teaming with superb local specialists for complex needs, we provide an exceptionally high level of dental care - as sophisticated as anywhere in the state. 

Our focus is providing dental care for adults, but we gladly see children of current patients. 

Our Experience

Dr. Hand has been practicing dentistry in New Bern for 33 years, since 1981, and is a 3rd generation New Bern dentist. Our staff averages 27 years of dental care experience, with the majority of that time with Dr. Hand. We are an exceptionally "stable" office, and unquestionably have more experience in providing dental care than any other office in eastern NC.

Our Reputation

Most of our new patients are referred by someone who is already a patient. This provides us with the ultimate motivation for treating you well and establishing a beneficial long term relationship, as we depend upon your referral of family and friends. We are quite proud of the many positive online comments we receive. The following button will take you to an on-line review site. We have absolutely no control over the survey results or comments, so what you read is real, and from our actual patients. 

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A Few Unique Services...

      Single Visit Crowns/Veneers/Bridges

We are the only office in the New Bern area to have the E4D system, which is the latest and most sophisticated device for single-visit metal-free ceramic restorations. In one visit, crowns, veneers, and some bridges are fabricated by a sophisticated computer-managed machine that mills the crown from a solid block of ceramic material using CAD/CAM technology - Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing. The tooth is shaped by the dentist, laser scanned, and then the restoration is designed on a computer and milled from a solid block of tooth colored ceramic. Many of our patients enjoy observing the entire process. The restoration is then fitted to the tooth and permanently bonded in place. A single crown typically requires a total time of approximately 1.5 - 3 hours to completion, but you are only needed for about half that time. There is no temporary crown to break or come out, and no second visit. Metal-free ceramic crowns look like natural teeth and have no dark line at the edges.


      Dental Sleep Medicine

Over 20 million Americans suffer a sleep disorder, which can range from simple snoring to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA. Snoring can be incredibly annoying to sleep partners, and OSA has serious health implications, potentially reducing life expectancy by 20 years! Snoring and mild-to-moderate OSA can often be controlled by special mouthpieces fabricated by the dentist. For more severe cases, we can help you obtain needed medical treatment.





Mini implants are ideal for stabilizing loose partials or dentures, or replacing an anchor tooth that has been lost. Usually inserted in one visit with local anesthetic, pain during or afterward is rare, and the implant is immediately available for use.

Full sized implants can replace individual teeth or many teeth, and are usually more challenging than mini implants. Dr. Hand placed his first implant in 1986, and continues to stay current in implant procedures. He teams with a very experienced and highly trained implant specialist for complex cases.



Say "hello" to Dr. Paw

Dr. Paw graces the entrance to the office building's parking area. His name is a word play on "Dr. Hand", and was suggested by one of our patients. He has the distinction of being the only smiling bear in the Bear Town Bears project, and is holding a toothbrush, wearing a dental mask, and shows instruments and a latex glove in his coat pockets.

The Bear Town Bears public art project is a cooperative effort with local artists in which life-sized, hand-painted bears have been placed throughout New Bern. (Special thanks is given to Molly Knazek for her artistry and creativity for Dr. Paw.) The bear is the historic symbol of New Bern, and the project was part of the town's 300th anniversary celebration.




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